Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I hope everyone has a blessed one!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a crazy week!

This week has been so crazy around my house! As usual I can't seem to keep on top of everything I need to. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to hibernate! My kiddos have had a billion things for me to do this week it seems! Tonight I attended my 7 yr old daughters Valentine Musical ( I know it is a little late) it was so cute to see a bunch of 7 yr olds up on a stage nervous and putting on their best show ever!! Too cute!

I feel like this week has brought me many blessings and I want to thank everyone that I am so thankful for! Gaffer Girls you rock! Thanks so much for sharing a spot on your blog for me!! You girls are great! ...and I love your blog! THANKS

Etsy seller Erikaprice Thank you for putting me in your treasury!! It was my first one and I felt so special. I hope every etsy seller gets the chance to be featured in a is awesome to know that even though you aren't selling a gazillion items a day, that someone still likes your creation! Thanks Erika!

Janna @ Feed your Pig Thanks so much for liking my creations enough to feature me on your blog! I love giveaways and features, not just being in one but also hosting them. They are so much fun and I love free stuff just like everyone else! It is a wonderful way for us sellers to get our products out there. I love giving shout outs to wonderful artists and creators! I appreciate all crafts so much and I love sharing that! Again Thanks Janna!!

And lastly Thanks Jenny for all your help and support with the blog. I couldn't do all this alone! It is so nice to be able to work with my sis and have someone to talk to about it all! I appreciate it so much! Jenny is so wonderful...she was probably just as excited about the treasury as I was, it is nice to share that excitement with someone! She is hosting a feature and giveaway on her blog Craft Content that is really cool! Can't wait to see who gets the awesome giveaway over there!

Well I guess that is enough rambling, I think I will go make some candles now!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Picked a winner!!

Hey I finished up the featured artist giveaway today and we have a winner!! Check out to see who it is!! It was so much fun hosting a featured artist and doing a giveaway I think I will do it again! Thanks to everyone who participated and became followers! Also a HUGE thanks to Dawn from Giggles & Grins Bowtique for letting me feature her! She is such a nice person! It was so awesome that she offered to giveaway an item from her store too!! She really is a pleasure and I hope that everyone will continue to visit her shop because she always has such cool stuff!!

Well I am looking forward to our next featured artist and giveaway!! Keep checking back to see whats going on!! If you are looking for some spring candles or soaps make sure and check out my store for all our new stuff!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Featured Artist & Giveaway

Well the Featured Artist & Giveaway is going pretty good. I really appreciate Dawn from Giggles & Grins Bowtique for participating! She is awesome! I really love her products too! I do hope everyone is having fun with it and I hope everyone is loving Dawn's work as much as I do. I didn't quite know how this would go, I was honestly afraid no one would participate so I wouldn't have to even think about another feature!! But wow I am so pleased at the interest in our feature and giveaway! I don't know why I would think otherwise, I mean Dawn's creations are WONDERFUL, so of course people want to participate. The self doubt came from my own end...I am new at this, what if I suck, what if people don't like what I have, what if people laugh at me...and on and on and on....?! :) hehe

Anyway enough about that, I really am enjoying the feature and giveaway so we will definitely do more! I can't wait to find our next feature! I have my eye on a couple...gosh there is sooooo much great stuff out there, it is hard to choose!!

And lastly, I think we are all over our sickness bout!! Gosh that was HORRIBLE!! No fun what so ever! I hope that is it for the year, (ya right) I can dream right???

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring has gotta be coming!!

I just know it has got to be getting close! I absolutely ADORE spring, my favorite time of year! Everything smells so wonderful, everything is turning green, & everything just radiates in the suns glory! AWWWW spring! I hope it is close! I have been working on spring projects for the biz. My candles look like the varying shades of Easter egg colors! They are cute!! Hope spring gets here soon...I can hardly wait!

Friday, February 13, 2009


You know I love my kiddos to no end, but when it comes to cleaning up their puke...I get a little grossed out to say the least! It seems that I have spent the last 2 days cleaning up puke. I am sure I will spend a few more before it is all over! Only 1 out of 4 kiddos has caused all the commotion, so I am indeed in for more. I know it sounds weird, but while cleaning up puke, I was so disgusted, fed-up, and quite frankly a little mad about it, and then I got to thinking (in between almost puking myself) 1. It is my pay back for my own puking as a child, that my mother endured. and 2. At least I am blessed with said pukey children.

I guess it is a little lesson all of us mothers and caregivers can relate to. We have been blessed with them and although it is not always pretty at least we have them. And hopefully one day they can return the favor to us or their own children.

So that was my day (or two) 1. wake up 2. clean puke 3. be thankful I know kinda weird what makes us think?!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello....check out our official blog at It is updated often and tells of our upcoming sales!! Thanks Have a good one!