Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Featured Artist & Giveaway

Well the Featured Artist & Giveaway is going pretty good. I really appreciate Dawn from Giggles & Grins Bowtique for participating! She is awesome! I really love her products too! I do hope everyone is having fun with it and I hope everyone is loving Dawn's work as much as I do. I didn't quite know how this would go, I was honestly afraid no one would participate so I wouldn't have to even think about another feature!! But wow I am so pleased at the interest in our feature and giveaway! I don't know why I would think otherwise, I mean Dawn's creations are WONDERFUL, so of course people want to participate. The self doubt came from my own end...I am new at this, what if I suck, what if people don't like what I have, what if people laugh at me...and on and on and on....?! :) hehe

Anyway enough about that, I really am enjoying the feature and giveaway so we will definitely do more! I can't wait to find our next feature! I have my eye on a couple...gosh there is sooooo much great stuff out there, it is hard to choose!!

And lastly, I think we are all over our sickness bout!! Gosh that was HORRIBLE!! No fun what so ever! I hope that is it for the year, (ya right) I can dream right???

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